Dress · Recycled

Another one already??

While I was looking for the breadbag dress photos on my computer, I also happened upon these photos, which I had momentarily forgotten about. While staying on my parents property 8 months ago, I chanced walking past a rather undressed stump.

“This indecency simply wont do” I thought to myself.

Thus using dried out wheat stalks, and branches from a dead olive tree I created this:

Establishing Shot
Zoom for detail

As you may be able to tell, the skirt is made of layers of sun tanned olive branches, cinched at the ‘waist’ with a plaited belt. Leading up to a loosely woven sweetheart neckline and contrasting gum flower detail.

A few weeks later my father visited it and took a few more photos, but there was very little decay. I should really ask how she doing after the crazy weather we have been having lately.

Nastalgic pan

(A) Gendarme (john – darm): Clothing inspired by the French Policeman’s uniform


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