In the beginning

As this is my first post, I will introduce myself. My pseudo name is Seana (as Sean was the first boy I kissed, and this is also the start of something new to me, I find it fitting). Although I introduce myself as a Seamstress/Nerd, this blog will primarily involve sewing, sorry to disappoint, but I started this blog to talk about what I have sewn, not what I am working on in Minecraft (it’s a treehouse).

So, besides home ec in year 8, I started sewing in 2007 when I made this for year 12 art:

That's right, it's made from breadbags

Seeing as that was over 3 years ago, I have done a lot of work since then, but instead of bombarding you with everything at once, then slowing to a trickle that is my normal sewing speed, I will space my creations over time. Lucky you.

As for my breadbag dress, there really isn’t much to say, except that it was made from a very ugly black-prom-dress-type-thing I found in an op shop. Also, there is one carrot bag mixed in with all the breadbags, just because. Oh and looking back at that picture, I feel  I should say that the skirt isn’t actually sewn over the left shoulder, it’s just the way it’s being held.

PS. If you havn’t been able to discern already, I am a writer by no means, and I apologise for this, but you’ll just have to put up with it if you want to see more of my creations.

Benjy (ben’ – gee) 19th c. British slang for a man’s waitcoat


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