Book Bags

When I am in the mood for sewing, yet not willing to commit to a whole garment, I make accessories. Mostly bags.

Following is the limited extent of my book bag range.

This I made for my birthday party last year. I went as a librarian (it was actually a dress-up party). It is made of 3 books, and at a glance it just looks like a stack of books.

This is what it looks like open. There is also another compartment much like this one. It is just enough room to fit phone, camera, wallet, lip gloss etc.

I made it by cutting the pages out of the books, and gluing the remaining edges of the pages together on two of the books. Then I just glued them together and bound it with ribbon as I dont trust glue.

Next in the range I made after I had been going through my extensive bead collection and deciding that I really needed to use some of it up. Also because I love this fabric.

After the pages were removed the book was cut into a nice half moon shape, the spine forming the ‘hinge’. I covered it with fabric and added the other half of the pouch.

It is opened and closed by slipping the bell on the string of beads through the loop, the weight holding it closed.

I adore over embellished clothing, and wish I had more of a knack for it. My probalem being that I go for practicality, and beading can be a very delicate thing to wash. Hopefully once I start making more formalish clothes I will explore this a bit more.


Kikuyu: Kenyan bag made of woven straw with leather handles. Open topped with horizontal stripes of red, blue and natural.


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