Safety First

Another costume for a birthday party, this was for 2009’s theme: safety first. Many good entries such as a fireman, a life gaurd, a firetruck, a shirt covered in safety pins and a frock coat made from packing tape and bubble wrap (he won my vote).

This was my costume:

I know, not fantastically inventive, but it’s a cute dress, and I really want to wear it clubbing. (The shovel was not part of my costume, just a prop for this photo shoot.)

Made with a piece of orange jersey, consisting of box pleats the whole way around and an open ended zip down the back.

Being that I dont like having boring photos of my clothes we got a bit inventive:

It took us a mere 13 shots to get this semi decent photo. Most of which look like I’m being shot with a longbow in mid-air.

We also had some fun at the party with the long exposure setting and some glow sticks:

And yes, being nerds, there is also a lightsaber fight in the same style.

Guimpe: Worn by, predominantly, widows and nuns of the 14th – 15th c.  A veil that drapes over face, neck and chest. Still worn by some nuns today.


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