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India Fabric

So I finally got my camera to hand over the photos of fabric from India, I can tell you’re excited, so I wont keep you waiting:

That’s almost everything, clothes, shoes, jewellery, trimmings and of course the fabric. I also measured all my fabric, there is a little over 62sq meters. Yay!

So far I have made a really basic skirt with a bit of one of the saris. As well as starting a dress out of a piece of liquid-like fabric I got in a small village called Nimaj.

I will put photos up when I have them, although that may be a while as I have some very different ideas as to an up coming photo shoot. For this I will need the right conditions, which isn’t looking too great as winter is looming. Perhaps I should do an indoors housewifely one instead. We’ll see.

Ikat: a method of tie dyeing which causes the pattern to be indistinct. Derived from the Malayan “to tie, bind, knot or tie around”


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    Also, yay, I has found your blog!

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