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Because you love me

I remembered that I had a blog today, and when I logged in to check on it, I got a lovely heart warming feeling when I saw how many people have been visiting. I think I got more visits in one day than I have in the entirety of my blog’s life. So as a reward I dashed out to take some photos of what I have made from the India fabric so far.

Although I would have liked to take some on the mannequin to show them off properly, Manny was not in a good mood, so I instead went for a group shot.

Splendidly artsy, I know.

So, far left we have the award winning ‘most fun to wear’ skirt. This was made from a circular tablecloth I bought in Jaisalmer. So really all I had to do was cut out the centre (keep an eye out for that piece of fabric in the future), then sew in a zip and waistband. The weight makes it especially swishy, I already have an up coming dancing event to wear it to 😀

Piggy in the middle: a pretty simple dress with a very geometric pattern. Not sure if this one will get much use as both the pattern and color are not my usual thing. But I’ll try to get a bit of wear from it, especially as I think it will improve with age as it loosens up.

The skirt on the right is made from a sari. I love this fabric, although as it’s second-hand the hem is in a bad state. I have sewn some ribbon underneath to hold it together, which I quite like as it gives some weight to the hem, making it more swishy. Helped by the beautiful pattern on the fabric.

That’s about it for now, but please send more love my way, especially if it’s in the form of comments. 😀

Crinoline: stiff fabric made from horse hair and cotton or linen used to make a rigid structured petticoat.

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