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Masquerade Dress

New Years 2010/2011 I organised for a group of my friends and myself to go to a masquerade party in the city. The venue is a gorgeous 3-story building, decorated in a cosy old-fashioned way. So me, being me, insisted that we not only wear masks, but dress up too.

I found this great sheet in an op shop, and got it for almost nothing because it had a big stain on it (thankfully that washed out). After seeing it on other clothes, I wanted to mess up this pattern a bit, I did this with painstakingly small seams on the bodice. From there the fabric falls as it will

I had been working on this dress for a few months previous, for another occasion, so once that was finished, I sewed it onto another corset and had a bit of fun with the skirt. It shows my love of Victorian clothing (although in a very round about way, as well as being very very short for the era).

On the back are two little floral studs that used to be earrings. Hopefully these show the start of my using hardware more in my clothing. But they sit on either side of the small of my back, a traditional place for buttons on men’s frock coats.

Boning: Supportive strips sewn into corsets to bend the body into an appealing figure. Traditionally made of steel or whale bone, these days plastic is more practical, although also more flimsy.


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