Dress · Halter

I long for a proper Autumn

… one where it is mostly sunny, but still has showers. For now I will have to enjoy old pictures of sunnier days instead.

Dont get me wrong, I love winter, especially when it’s thundery and raging outside, and I’m inside all warm and snuglly. Or even just standing outside in the rain for no reason.

Anyway, the below picture is one of the very first dresses I made. Simple halter design, with a bias-cut skirt, not that I knew much of that terminology when I first made it. I tried it on last night, just because, and it still fits really nicely! I cant wait for warmer days so that I can get back to wearing it.

Although, looking back on old works makes me proud of how far I’ve come. None of the edges in that dress are finished, and though it all looks really nice, it is not a professional job by any means.

Still, I find myself envying the naivety I had around sewing at that point. I feel like this dress has so much lovely whimsy in it, I don’t think I could replicate this feeling anymore.

So I don’t end on a sad note, I started cutting into one of my saris today, I’ll get photos up of the resulting dress ASAP.

Mantua: From 17th – 18th c, originally a loose women’s gown, which evolved into an overgown.


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