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Rags to riches

I dislike wearing things I havn’t made. People expect me to always be wearing some amazing piece of clothing that I made. And although it’s unrealistic, I still wish I could have a wardrobe consisting entirely of clothes I made, purely for a constant ego boost.

Especially when they are things as awesome as this:

This is one of my acquisitions from India, from a remote desert town called Jaisalmer. Even though it is a little too big, and has lots of red in it, I couldn’t resist. The fabric is so fantastically unique.

The shop I bought it from had piles of these jackets, which have been made from recycled quilts (hence the patches).

I think this is the detail that makes the coat; the lining and the outside fabric have been hand stitched together, with little white running stitches. I love this for so many reasons. Among the top are: 1) This jacket feels so much more special and luxurious because so many man hours have gone into hand stitching it. 2) It gives a unique texture to the fabric. 3) It would make the garment easier to sew (excluding the man hours it would take to do the running stitch) you are halving your sewing time, effectively making one coat, instead of the coat and the lining.

I cant wait to try it in my own sewing (a lot of it to do with the 3rd reason I love this technique) perhaps with some variation, like ruching one of the fabrics, or using extra thick fabrics to give more of a quilted look.

And lastly, I love wearing it in amongst all the dull colored coats that people wear during the colder months, I feel like a little ray of happiness.


Basque: Varies over eras, but generally a fitted jacket or corset that extends to the hips.


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