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The Jumping Flower Dress

So I haven’t done a photo shoot for a while (besides the corset dress in the pine forest, but that hardly counts), and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them. Unfortunately this is not the time of year to do them though. Most of the scenery will look a little dead, and that’s really not my style.

My other problem is getting a photographer with the same free time schedule as mine. Although I think I want to try a new photographer. I love getting new ideas and influences from different photographers. Especially when said photographer hadn’t yet discovered their artistic side. Oh the joy.

I have been collecting ideas for a while now, I want to do a whimsical shoot. Like the photos I am always so jealous of on the internet. As well as some faintly surreal/artsy photos including reflections and the like.

Above is one of my first dresses in a whimsical type photo. I enjoy doing these jumping shots, you never quite know what you’re going to get (many of these photos involve more underwear showing than this one), as well as my hair flying around and looking great.

So this leaves me feeding you old photos to satisfy your lust for my ingenious sewing. Sorry. I’ll get right on to finding a new photographer and doing my sunshine dance.


Frouting: 17th c rubbing fragrant oil into a piece of clothing to freshen it.


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