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Patterns Galore


I just had a wonderful day, and had to tell someone about it. Since no-one else will put up with my sewing drivel, I came to you. All the girls from work (that’s right, all 4 of us) got together today to swap our fabric, patterns and other bits. We had a jolly old time socialising in between rifling through each others stuff.

Fiona (who’s house we were at) has a filing cabinet, taller and wider than myself, full of all kinds of patterns. I became a very happy kitten going through them all, she is letting me borrow a whole heap of them to use up some of my fabric. See below:

Fantastic right?

Unfortunately I wont be getting into them for a while. I have a few other projects I’ve promised various people I will finish, and I am going to force myself to be a good girl and finish them first.

But oh the joy! There are some nice sun dresses I already have some great fabric in my wardrobe for.


Dupioni: A papery silk with occasional slubs in it, creating an earthy feel. But can still be used in formal clothing.

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