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A basket full of fabric

This is my idea of a box of kittens:

True, I’m not a cat lover. Perhaps a box of puppies would give a basket full of fabric a run for it’s money. Thankfully I don’t have to decide, I have a basket of fabric (as well as one adorable puppy) and am happy.

I am a dreadful fabric shopper, I sometimes wonder if I like fabric shopping better than the sewing, all the possibilities are still open, anything could happen. But here I come upon a problem. Yesterday I bought another 8 meters of fabric, of which, in 6 months, will be next to useless to me. That’s right, I’m moving interstate. Most likely into some tiny room, where my late night sewing habits will probably annoy flatmates who share a wall with me.

This leaves me with 6 months to get as much sewing done as I can to use up fabric I wont be able to use for who knows how many years. As well as filling up any foreseeable gaps in my wardrobe so I can save my money from being spent on more clothes.

Luckily, my more astute readers (that’s all of you, I’m sure) will think back to a previous post of dozens of patterns spread across my floor, just waiting to be made. So, once I’ve finished with a couple of projects I am working on for other people *drags feet* I will be diving right into my pile of fabric and patterns just to fill up my already packed full wardrobe.

Are you as excited as me? (I doubt it)

Rever (all I can think of are Reavers whenever I see this word, but it is also a fashion term): Coined in the 1860’s, the word is a bastard of ‘reverse’ and is a term for any part of a garment that has been folded back to reveal the other side of the fabric/lining. For example cuffs or lapels.


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