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Surprise! It’s a photo shoot!

That’s right, yesterday I rallied myself, my wardrobe and a couple of friends to do another photo shoot. We didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked, but at least we had fun doing it 😀

I’m not going to show you all the photos now, instead I’m going to pleasure you for longer (also because there are 527 photos).

First up a dress I call my Grevillea Dress, even if my mother does shake her head and tell me that they aren’t grevilleas. I adore this fabric, it’s so floaty and summery, I just wish I could have made a better dress. I mostly just dont like the bodice, although it doesn’t look it in the photos, it is very rigid, meaning that it will hold it’s own shape and not conform to mine. This can lead to some very revealing cleavage shots.

The reason it’s so stiff is because I wanted to have a nice organically pleated bodice, which does mostly work, especially in photos (where I am standing still and can control where the bodice sits). The other bit I like about this dress are the beautiful buttons. I got them in an antique shop in Strathalbyn and knew I had to use them on something special (ie with this fabric).

Also, sorry about the visible bra from the back. My photographer is new at fashion photography and hasn’t yet learnt what to keep an eye out for.

My final note is a thankyou to the weather for being almost perfect. I think the sunshine may have contributed to our high spirits, thus making better photos and an all round better day.

Sloper: Block pattern for a range of garments (like a collection) that doesn’t have seam allowances. Pieces are derived from this basic block.


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