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Fresher and better

As my devout readers may realise, the clothes in the following photos have already been featured on my blog. You may scoff at my poor blogging skills (ie. writing about a dress twice, like I’m on some kind of wardrobe budget) but I assure you I have good reason for this.

The new photos are way better.

I know, I know. “But there was nothing wrong with the other photos” you say to me, and perhaps you are better (unlikely though, even I admit the other photos aren’t that great).

So to do this outfit justice I went to great lengths to take these photos to really show off it’s features:

As I wrote in my previous post, this can be worn as a skirt, a dress, or both together.

Even though I made it quite a while ago, it still seems to be some of my favourite sewing. Details like pockets, bias binding, ribbon cuffed sleeves and of course the netting on the skirt all entice me so much.

And of course the fabric, I am just in love with the colors and floral patterning.

This is my pick of the photos:

Cute aren’t I?

Oh and don’t you just adore the shoes? I borrowed them from a friend who watched me every second I was wearing them. Very stifling. I may or may not have a reputation for borrowing people’s shoes for extended lengths of time.

Shell stitch: Stitching method where the fabric is hitched up at intervals to create a scolloped effect.


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