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Better looking than it looks

You know when your in your early 20’s and go to buy alcohol (I am speaking from a country where the legal age is 18), and you get this nervous feeling like your doing something excitingly naughty and are going to get caught. Because for the first 18 years of your life you were not allowed to drink, but now suddenly, you can buy (almost) as much alcohol as you might want. There was no other big change in your life (except perhaps a big party) to make you feel radically different, but now you can drink.

This same feeling seems to also apply to things like voting or driving or, for me, sewing. Not that I think it’s naughty (or ever was) just that I dont know when I crossed that line onto the side of being a good seamstress. I still feel like I’m learning all the time, and I look back on some of my work and criticize it, thinking about all the ways it could have been better.

But occasionally I put my new dress on, look in the mirror and just think “wow”

And I find myself thinking about how this dress is better designed, proportioned, fitted, finished and seemingly took less time and effort.

This was my latest surprise. This design has been in my head for a while now, and I finally cut it when at a friend’s house and was sick of hand sewing ribbon onto a skirt (you know the feeling). It took me a while to get the pattern onto paper, but I think I will be making it again. Possibly showing a bit more back.

Another bit of fabric (tablecloth) from India. I was having trouble working out what to do with this one, for some reason I just couldnt get my head around this fabric. Even though it is a good sturdy opaque cotton. But then I remembered this dress I had been thinking about, and the two fit together so nicely.

I just adore big stripes that have been pleated, and while they aren’t strictly stripes, the borders still give a similar effect.

This is the back when tied normally.

And this is an alternative way of tying it.

Fashion Marks: Marks in knitted fabrics where stitches have been increased or decreased.  Like down the back of the leg on stockings, or around the shoulder in jumpers.


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