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5 hours of sleep

A few things you should know before reading this post:

– I got home at 5am last night

– I do not currently have a sewing machine

– At 11pm Friday night I got a boost of productive energy and cleaned my sewing room

– I love being organised, this includes making lists, labeling like crazy and sorting things by type, size, color etc

I was surprised to find that I almost fill my fabric wardrobe (below) with all my fabric. While this is great, because I love having pretty things, it’s also bad because it’s a lot of sewing before the end of the year to use it all up before I go. But it all looked so glorious, I just had to take some photos of it.

As you can see, when I first got this wardrobe I went crazy with labeling all my fabric. Those tags held everything I knew about each piece of fabric, including size, type, price, where it came from and what it has been used in already. Lately I have been more slack because I figure I could use my time better these days ie. sewing the fabric into more clothes.

That said, I do also tend to waste a fair amount of time just musing over my fabrics, taking them out, inspecting them and measuring them to see if they will work with my current design.

The other thing I’m sure you’ve noticed in the above photo (and I am quite worried about you if you didn’t) is my cool new skirt. But wait, didn’t you hear me mention I do not currently have a sewing machine? Well my astute reader (it’s ok, you can pretend to be one too), my sewing machine is indeed currently getting some work done, just a routine service I assure you, but that still leaves me with my dutiful, hard working over-locker. Yeah, you heard me, this skirt was entirely over-locked.

I adore this fabric (I’m a sucker for a nice drape), but it has a few near fatal flaws. One is that it is polyester, but I can look past this for such a flowy piece, two is that this fabric shifts around so easily, making cutting rather hard, because when you lay a cut piece out again it will inevitably be a different shape, and thirdly the pattern is not printed straight on the grain (I assume the printers came upon problem number two). So I kept the design as basic as possible. Which for a fabric like this is easy, because complicated designs would be lost on this fabric, and might cause your head to explode.

I also love how transparent the fabric is, which is why I made it with two layers of the fabric with the straight grains of each layer running at a rough 45 degree angle with each other. It doesn’t show fantastically in these photos, but I assure you, it’s there.

I wore it to work on Saturday when it happened to be a rather windy day (it’s ok, I was wearing another skirt underneath) and I felt fantastic with it fluttering around me. Very dramatic.

Weeper: Arm- or hatband worn around 18th to 19th c to funerals, usually in black muslin.


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