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So I’m finding other creative activities to fill the hole in my heart (day to day life) where my sewing machine used to be. I’m sure this sad time will be over soon, but for now it will be known in time as The Great Sewing Machine Depression (TGSMD).

Other than using a friend’s light box to copy off lots of Burda patterns, and a whole bunch of hand sewing (more on that later) I have done some more dyeing (with natural vegetable dyes). I did a bit a little while ago but wasn’t going to tell you until I could see if the results were worthwhile. The short answer is no, not yet. I’ll give you a run down of what I did to get us going.

About a week ago I made 4 batches of dye, splitting 3 meters of plain quilting fabric between them. They all used rainbow chard (spinach but with red stems) as the dye. Two were boiled with the chard and a mordant, one vinegar, one lemon juice (not an appetising smell). These were both deemed failures, as the fabrics came out only slightly pink. The other two were wrapped up and put in sealed jars with the chard, one with salt, the other with egg. At the moment I think the egg one looks the best, while the salt less so, but I think this is just due to the salt jar not being full of liquid, which I will have to remedy.

Yesterday I decided to re dye one of the failed fabrics, this time using all sorts of dyes.

Then I spread them over my fabric, not helped by the wind, which I then sprinkled with vinegar.

This was then rolled up and twisted then tied into a pretzel which is now floating in a tupperware container of water and vinegar.

I will fine some other way of dying my last piece of fabric, and then in a few weeks or so I will unveil them all!

Iridescent Fabric: Fabric woven with the warp and weft in different colors. Displays both colors, but can be different shades from different angles.


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