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Seamstress of Hypocrisy

I just took a week offline to get some more sewing done. After doing costuming for a movie a couple of weeks ago (she casually drops into conversation) I havn’t been getting much of it done lately. But now I’m back. And an hour or so ago I was reading through the buildup of feeds from the last week and noticed that my favourite blogger hadn’t posted anything. Nothing!

Then I realised that neither had I.

So this is my apology. And to make up for my neglect I will be posting a bit more often (notice how I didn’t make any definite promise, just kept it casual and open). But as is usually the problem, I have the clothes, but not the photos that do them justice. SO if you want more blogging, you will have to put up with (mostly) clothing on mannequins around my house.

But now for the follow up on my dying experiments, be warned, it’s disappointing:

The bottom fabric is a pure white for reference.  So the color has turned to a slight yellow, or a slight pink color. With the occasional splotch. If I make a dress out of the fabrics it’s just going to make me look like a messy eater.

Instead I think they will be added to a future batch of purchased dye. I’m sorry, I dont dye easily.

Dust Ruffle: A ruffle sewn to the inside hem of a floor length dress. Used to protect the hem of the skirt from wear. Otherwise called balayeuse or sweeper


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