Bag · Fabric · Hand stitching · Recycled

The new Bag Lady



Sometimes when I’m not in the mood for designing and making a full blown dress, I make other bits and pieces. Hats, wallets, knick-nacks, ears, tails and bags. This bag came together after I faced two small dilemmas. 1) I was going to go out clubbing with a friend and didnt have a small secure bag that was suitable 2) I had a gorgeous silk tie in my wardrobe that I had only worn once. So I made a small secure bag out of my pretty silk tie.

Aptly named the Tie Bag.

Its all hand stitched. Had a shiny silver shank button (imitating a tie pin) sewn over a press-stud with a hidden zip running along the top. And wow has it been useful. It fits all the important bits in, I dont need to worry about it all falling out when I dance and I get to wear my favourite tie!

I already have another (perhaps bigger one using two ties) in the planning stages as a birthday gift for a friend of mine who loves this one.

Tasset (also spelt tace or tasse): Plate or joint plates of armor that cover the upper thigh.


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