Dress · Fabric · Floral · Lacing · Pattern

Send Him Away

I dreamed up this lacing so I could have lacing down the front of a dress with out having to have another strip behind the lacing to make it modest. And it had to be real lacing, none of that fake nonsense.

This is also the kind of length I will go to to not have to put in a zip, as well as having truly individual clothing. It’s hard to explain how the lacing works, but trust me, a zip would make this dress less time consuming to get on and off. But I think it’s a fair trade.

This is one of only a few articles of clothing that turned out much like it’s original sketch. It’s also some of my favourite initial sketches I’ve done. I’m starting to wonder if the sketch looks better than the dress.

There are also a couple of variations on the sleeve to make it a bit different to a regular strappy dress, but I stuck with the regular style. I often look through my wardrobe and think that I have too much intensely interesting clothing and need some more boring basics to give my unique pieces a chance to shine. But I just cant stand sewing boring things.

Added bonus: random mathematical workings-out while I was designing and cutting the front piece.

Laying off: Last step in the making of leather gloves. The glove is put on a metal hand and heated to mold the leather to the correct shape and size.

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