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Firstly, if you don’t know what it is, Google it. I’m not going to go to all the effort of explaining it to you when all your lazy little fingers have to do is type 10 letters into Google.


I was out a week or so ago with some friends and we decided that we would all do it this year. There were 3 of us, one of the others also a seamstress, and the last an avid op shopper and dress wearer.

Lucky for you this seamstress has a blog, and on it you will get to see all 31 (and possibly more) dresses. Some you will have seen before, others will be new. But so as not to diminish their greatness I will write individual posts for the better dresses you havn’t seen yet at a later date.

So here we go, the first 5 days:

Yes this is a new one, I finished this one on the last day of September, just in time for Frocktober, more on this one later.

This is my graduation dress, yes I made it. I am going to have to get all my shorter dresses out of the way so I don’t get stuck for things to wear to work later in the month.

Oh you’ve seen this one, and no, that isn’t my natural hair color.

You’ve also seen this one before, but you’re more interested in knowing who my make-up artist is though aren’t you?

Ok, so the dress doesn’t matter, I only care about the jacket. Isn’t it just great?

Modiste: Fancy word for a seamstress


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