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What The Frock?

I know, I know, bad blogger! BAD!

But I’m a seamstress first. And after a hectic week, I took another week off to get back to sewing for myself.

OK, here we go, the second half of Froctober…

Day 16, a dress my Mother made when she was my age.

Day 17, I got this gorgeous dress about a year ago for a formalish occasion, and yeah, that’s a fake waistcoat I’m wearing as a belt

Day 18, the second dress I ever made, but I think you’ve seen it already anyway

Day 19, this dress belongs to a friend, as does the dog

Day 20, a $4 dress, with another friend of mine in the background who was also doing Frocktober

Day 21, my 1940-50’s housewife dress

Day 22/1, we may have hammed up the 1910’s style a little with the brolly and hat

Day 22/2, I made this dress specifically to go out dancing in

Day 23, this one I made from a men’s shirt I liked so much I decided I should be able to wear it

Day 24, very cool summery dress

Day 25, an absolutely wonderfully crazy dress that was given to me from a friend who no longer had the room for it. I had to accessorise accordingly crazy like

Day 26, wow, I feel like I’ve made hardly any of these, this was made from a waistcoat patter, a very old interesting sleeve pattern, and op shop fabric

Day 27, I adore this dress, The fabric is just too happy for it to not put you in a good mood. And man do I love me a ruched waist.

Day 28, OK, so I may have taken ‘inspiration’ from a dress I saw in a shop window for this one, but theirs wasn’t a real laced waist! Mine is!

Day 29, one of my grandmother’s dresses which I altered a little, because I hate wearing long casual dresses. Of course I couldn’t do a regular hem though, that just wouldn’t be me. The gathered hem gives it a good weight though, and makes it great for dancing.

Day 30, one of my favourite non-self-made dresses. So cool and effortless, but still so cute and comfy!

Day 31, and to round it off, a dress I bought in India. And the cutest dog in my suburb.

Your regular blogging will now resume.



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