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If you havn’t already seen the blog ‘Things Organized Neatly’ then go see it.


OK, read on.

As you may have realised, I like my things to be organised neatly. Sometimes I will fall into organise comas and redevelop my bedroom. Other times it’s nice to do it while sewing, just so I can take stock of where everything is at, and re-order my mind. Like with my Mad Hatter Steampunk Tea Party jacket:

It looks very different from the finished product, I know.

The next one is from the skirt I wore with my MHSTP jacket for the party. It was a use-up-scraps/inspired-by-stained-glass affair.

My pictures dont look nearly as good as the blog, but that’s OK, it’s something to strive for.


Cordwainer: Old term for a cobbler, particularly one who worked with cordovan leather (from Cordova (Cordoba?), Spain)


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