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On the Street

Photos? Street art? Dresses? Yeah!

Let’s get right into it…

OK, so we messed around a lot that day. I don’t think there were any ‘serious’ photos taken the whole time we were out.

I simply adore this fabric, I bought it probably over a year ago now, from a quilting shop that was closing down. The colors are so bright, and the flowers so exotic. The rest of the dress is made up of scraps I am trying to use up before the big move. The pink silk is left over from a skirt, the buttons down the front are from all over the place, the prefect badge (on the pocket) was my Auntie’s, and the name-tape hem was my Grandmother’s. I loved creating this real mixed-media-mash, and it makes it even more of an individual dress.

Just some awesome street art around the city, some of it takes a bit of exploring to find, but it’s worth it.


Item House: Business that makes one specialised item of clothing, ie baseball caps

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