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She danced with Death

I know, I know, yet again I have neglected you, but in about 3 weeks I am moving interstate, so my diary has been busy with social activities, paperwork and packing.

But to follow on from my last post, you can take a gander at some of the other photos from that photo shoot.

Looking back on the shoot and trying to find photos for this post, I realise how few actually show off the dress. There are great photos, so many great photos, but none that show the back or the front of clearly enough for me to be really happy with it.

But when I look through all the photos again I dont think I care that much, these photos are probably way better than any that might actually show off the dress.

We even made a little story out of the whole thing.

This is the best photo of the back.

Also, this pattern is amazing. This dress was the first I made with it, and I’m already onto my 3rd as we speak. I am now thinking up ways of varying it more so I dont have the same dress repeated too many times in my wardrobe.

Also, it has nice roomy pockets.


Benjy: You know those wide brim straw hats? It’s British slang for them.




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