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Next I want a building made from Lego

Street art continue!

This has got to be one of my favourite pieces around.

Yeah, they’re all Matchbox cars.

The dress I am wearing below isn’t one of mine, it was made by a good friend of mine who works mostly with jerseys. But I just had to get a photo in that shows off the wall properly.

To give you more of an idea of the scale, the whole wall cannot be captured with a regular camera, unless perhaps you stood on the next building over. To get these shots with had to use some fancy pants lens.

Unfortunately I have no idea who made it, or when. Only that it has been there long enough for people to start stealing the bottom-most cars (or they just fell off over time).

The jacket it what you are supposed to be looking at in this photo. And again I realise how in-comprehensive this photoshoot was, as we never did get any photos of the fantastic lining of this jacket.

But I assure you, it’s pretty speccy.

The fabric I found at a great vintage shop down the road, I got a couple other pieces at the same time, but this is the only one I have actually sewn so far. It also has 3 shiny black buttons with button loops on it now.

The fabric is pretty unique, I think it is mostly wool, with a bit of synthetic for good measure. The warp threads are all black, while the weft are all white (or possibly the other way around, there was no selvage on my piece), which makes it dangerous to go near anything which might catch a thread and pull it right out of the loose weave.

Originally I made it because the black and white will be easy to wear with all the other crazy colors in my wardrobe, though I have not yet decided if it will be coming interstate with me.


Selvage: Derives from ‘self-edge’ it is the finished edges of a piece of fabric made when the weft thread is looped back around to be woven into the fabric again. It’s the long edges at the top and bottom of a bolt of fabric, and is really hard to explain without showing you.


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