College O’Week – Sunday

So much to say, so much to show you. This is the first of what I hope will be many Tassy posts. Being my first week, I have a lot of new things to tell you, so to make it simpler, I will start with this post outlining my first week here. Following posts with double back and fill in the gaps, giving you more information on places and people (hopefully none of them ever find this blog).

This adventure actually started over a year ago, when I started to plan what I should actually do with my life. My first love you already know, so I turned to my second for a career, the environment. I also wanted to move to an even more remote place than I was already in, but where could possibly be smaller than Adelaide and still be big enough to hold a decent university? Perth or Hobart I decided. To spoil the end, I chose Hobart.

Skip to 15 months later and I find myself on a 6:40am flight to Hobart via Melbourne enrolled in a Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies Course.

Be warned, it is currently Friday 9:05am, as you read, you will realise why I am so sleep deprived, but as with the Ballmer Peak, I sometimes find that certain levels of sleep dep will enhance my wit and writing skills. We will see.

Sunday: Arriving in Hobart to the welcome of a school mate of my mothers, the wonderful Jenny drove me around town, pointing out sights, and taking me to do a little necessary shopping along the way. After also saving me from my own stupidity (not printing off a map of where to go or even taking down a contact number), she delivered me to Christ College. Here I was welcomed by a flame-headed group leader who had done his Facebook research and already knew exactly who I was. He took Jenny and myself up to my room (so much more on that later) then gave us a quick to. He left me at my room to unpack, and holding the knowledge that there would be pizza in the common room later this afternoon.

I was late, I forgot what time it was on, and where exactly the common room was. I missed the speeches, but otherwise didn’t miss much. A room full of Fresher college students, most of whom arrived to Hobart within the last 5 or so hours, was quite the unique social experience. I could walk up to absolutely any person and start a conversation with them without being seen as socially inept. Amazing. Also circulating were the team leaders, a dozen second years trying to meet everyone within 2 hours, around other Freshers in a packed room, eating pizza and pancakes.

After meeting and forgetting many faces almost as quickly, the crowd began to die down, as I had no food, I found a few other people going to the college cafe Pepperz. After locking my key in my room, and having to get an admin to help me retrieve it, I made it down there.

Blah blah blah, boring bit.

An hour or so later we end up at Big Rob’s flat for a college party. No cliché American red cups, instead we had to settle for blue to drink our vodka cordials out of. When we arrived it was pretty slow, but quickly gained momentum until I found myself singing and dancing with Sam and Jack, as well as talking to Freddy and Emil on the side.

We talked about music, where we came from, etc, etc, etc, movies, until Sam found out that Jack had never seem V for Vendetta. Shocked, she insisted we watch it immediately. Jack and I were buzzed from the alcohol, Sam was drunk. After finding out that Jack didn’t have the movie (and having a snoop in his room) we trooped up to the lodge to watch it on my computer. Along the way we absorbed Jenna (who lives opposite me) into our group and trooped on to squish onto my bed.

As we were all pretty tired from our travels, and the movie was in two anyway, we only watched half of it, and have yet to see the rest.

Then we all went to bed and slept happily ever after.

Whew, that was barely a whole day and took much more writing than I was expecting. Thus I will give separate posts to each day.

I have no photos from Sunday, this will have to do. How weird are their fire hydrants??

JAFFY: Wesley College (Melbourne) acronym for ‘Just Another F***ing First Year’

(Sorry about the *’s, I’m not sure if I can actually swear here)

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