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Goldilock’s Revenge

To give you the minimal amount of warning, this is my last strictly fashion post, others might spring up from time to time, but this will now become my I-am-living-in-a-different-state-to-most-of-my-friends-and-dont-want-to-tell-the-same-stuff-to-each-and-every-one-of-them.

Anyway, back to the s. This is one I may have commenting on in passing, and uses the same pattern as the previous dress I posted about.

It has got to be one of my favourites now, for a few reasons:

1. The fabric consists of little blue soldiers, which most people just assume are flowers, until they actually look

2. It fits me so well

3. There are two perfect sized pockets which are big enough to fit anything from an ID card to a diabetes kit, while still keeping them relatively safe

That’s about it fashion wise, and although College O’Week hasn’t even finished yet, I am rearing to start writing about it.

Cummerbund: A sash worn around the waistband, originally worn by gentlemen to black tie events in India where it was too warm to wear a waistcoat. Can now refer to similar sash-like accessories used in less formal dress, athletics, SCUBA diving or the military.



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