Moving House · O'Week

College O’Week – Monday

Phew, it seems like such a long week that I can barely remember what happened 5 days ago.

We were given Monday off, which at the time seemed a bit silly as most of us had unpacked etc the previous day, and none of us really knew each other, which gave us the choice of hanging out with strangers, or becoming a recluse. Thankfully us Lodgers found it easier to get to know each other because it feels like we are just living in a house together. Also a bonus, one of the other girls, Jenna, has a car, which meant we could go do some shopping instead. A very good thing as I didn’t have any food, or cutlery, or crockery, or an umbrella, or a myriad of other necessities I hadn’t even thought of yet.

Jenna and I went for a drive down to Sandy Bay, she took me to Tassy’s equivalent of Cheap as Chips, called Chicken Feed. Fantastic for cheap cutlery and plates. After we got home we found Jack in the car park. He was saying goodbye to his Mother after they had his birthday brunch together.

Cooking our first dinner together, Juliet on the right, and Jenna hidden on the left

We explored the uni for a bit, then went back out shopping that evening with Sam and Juliet. As well as a stop at the bottle shop, we bought supplies for a shared stir-fry dinner, with birthday cake for dessert.

It was a pretty chilled night, we were told college stories from previous years by Sha and Juliet, then went to bed early.

Snazzy, Niffy, Funky: Neat. There seam to be many words here that all mean neat.


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