College O’Week – Tuesday

Obligatory getting to know you activities, given comically sized/shaped name tags, split into 4 color groups (Maroons to rule the world!), taught commands such as ‘dead ants’ which we had to follow every time they were yelled out no matter where we were or how much dirt would get up our pants, learnt the Fresher dance which we are also to perform whenever we hear the song, taken to 7 mile beach, was hit by tennis ball in face, did ‘speed dating’, got dirt in my pants.

All day the team leaders had been talking about going to the pub that night. But because it wasn’t an official event they were not allowed to invite us outright. Instead they spent the day going up to groups of Freshers in twos or more and talking rather loudly about going to Doctor Syntax that night, after meeting in the top quad at 8. Oh and would be really cool if they happened to see other people they knew there. Doctor Syntax right? Yeah, at 8. Cool.

What an awesome party, there was a big group of people at the top quad, so some of us decided to start moving, it was about a 20 minute walk. When we got there it was like a regular pub, a quiet Tuesday, about a dozen people split between the few rooms. We were a group of 10 or Freshers who had met each other about 48 hours ago. So to break the ice we bought a couple of jugs of beer and played never-have-I-ever. Over the next couple of hours or so of our game the pub filled up with college students. It became very packed. I later found out that there were also students from Fisher College there, who we were having boat races against.

What made it so great was that even though we didn’t really know each other, a lot of social barriers were dropped. Partially because we all knew we were going to be living together, and all wanted to be friends, also because of the alcohol. Jack and I partied together, and when the Fresher song came on, everyone danced to it.

Apparently the party died down not long after we left at around 12. Jarrah, Jess, Jack and myself walked home, although a shared taxi would have only been $2 each. Thankfully Jarrah is a local, because the route home is full of twists and turns. Jack was very drunk, and having a hard time walking properly, absolutely hilarious.

It was a snazzy (?) night, and a lot of gossipy stories came out of it. But I wont talk about that here, just incase there is a Christ person secretly reading 😉

Medium: A person who acts as a translator between the spirit world and ours. I was amazed how many people dont know what this word means, and it will come up later.


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