College O’Week – Friday

4:45 am. *knock on door*

*open door* I am handed a Red Bull by one of the team leaders

*close door*

5:00 am. Meet in JCR rugged up and barely awake.

Not my favourite Friday morning, but the sunrise from Mount Wellington was worth it.

And yes, there was a streaking competition to see who could stand the cold the longest. And no, there was no possible way I was joining in.

Do you see the building that juts above the coast line a little under the centre of the picture? That is the casino. UTAS is roughly behind that, and we are behind UTAS, although I doubt you would be able to see much of either.

That was about the most interesting part of my day that you would want to hear about. There was also a trivia game between the teams, and a house-crawl, but I was much to exhausted to attend the latter, and wanted to save my energy for Saturday anyway. It may not sound like it, but the past week has been quite exhausting.

Communal kitchens: You would be lucky to find a working oven.


One thought on “College O’Week – Friday

  1. Sally! Your blog is amazing! It made me laugh a lot. It sounds like you are having fun. I am so glad that you are in Hobart. It is one of my favourite places!

    The grumpy one and I have moved house. Letter with new address and gossip pending. Unfortunately I don’t have any awesome dinosaur paper….

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