College O’Week – Thursday

Today is science day. The day where all UTAS’s science students can come and get talked at for a few hours, only to have these things repeated to them in their first class anyway. But as it turned out, I was quite happy to go.

Firstly, college was having an Amazing Race style city tour, which I would have liked to participate in, until I heard how bad it was, both in organisation, and the amount of hardcore excercise they had to do to complete the challenges.

But also, I was given a better tour of the Geo building, so I knew exactly where to go for my first lectures, as well as a free lunch.

So Jenna and I had a rather nice sciency morning, involving lots of free food, and still made it back in time for our trip to Port Arthur.

Yeah, Port Arthur.

You know the stories (if you don’t, Google them now, they are a very interesting (if horrifying) read).

Another horribly long bus ride, filled with college pride singing. More badly organised activities. Then the ghost tour.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I am willing to keep an open mind for a thrill. Also Sam, who was on my tour, told me she was a Medium. We stuck pretty close throughout, and had I believed in a spirit realm, Sam’s reactions to her surroundings would have creeped me out so much more.

The tour was great, our guide was a great story-teller, and knew just how to position us in a room to keep our backs toward the creepy door, or the wall where a particularly horrifying ghost in known to appear from.

The whole thing left us all shaken, especially when a wallaby would happen to cross our path while walking from one house to the next and scare all the people up the front. hehehe

Luckily Sara drove there as she was busy when the bus left college, so we didn’t have to put up with the ridiculous singing on the way home. Instead I had a little nap.

Rodinia: Earth’s original super continent, formed around 1100 million years ago.


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