College O’Week – Wednesday

Wednesday started with a tour of the uni, we split into faculties and set off. UTAS has some great exhibits, my favourite of which I havn’t been able to find since, and never got time to give it a good long hard perusing. It was a periodic table, which I believe had little glass boxes for each element containing an example of that element. once I find it again, I will take a photo of it and post it immediately.

Then, for those of us who wanted, a trip to the zoo! I don’t know who chose these events, but they should be smacked around the head a little and asked why they chose to take us to places that were so far away from Hobart. Anyway, ZooDoo was fun enough, it was one of those zoos where a lot of the animals are free to socialise with the other animals, and we could stroll around inside some of the pens feeding deer or albino wallabies.

Some of us also ate wallaby feed for extra Fresher Points (these would be counted at the end of O’Week and the winner would win the much coveted mystery prize).

A bit of boring stuff, then the formal dinner. It’s some kind of college tradition that when entering a formal dinner, the men would stand in two lines outside the venue applauding while the women filed inside. It was awkward. And weird.

The dinner it’s self was very tasty, but that was it, just dinner. After and hour in our formal best, we went back home to change into white T-shirts for the scribble party.

We were awarded with punch for doing challenges, and by the end of the night, everyone had at least one penis on their shirt. Or a fish with a penis.


PPIEW: practically Perfect In Every Way “Even though geologists are PPIEW, we still write in pencil”


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