College O’Week – Saturday

Wow, Saturday, what a day. My first Salamanca markets. Not as mind blowing as it could have been, but still pretty great. Mostly I will just show you lots of pictures, as I didn’t buy much besides fruit and veggies.

Be aware that I am showing you the best of Salamanca, there was a lot of the usual boring crafty or business stalls too.

Over all I think that the woodwork stalls were my favourites, it was evident that a lot of thought and skill went into making some of those pieces.

After all that excitement we were lazy and split a taxi home (it was one of those 38C days), and enjoyed a chilled afternoon. Us Lodgers had been told by another of our housemates that the ‘boat cruise’ that evening was worth skipping. Instead we opted to go out later on our own, meeting up with other Christ students after the cruise. What a great night, quite full on, I think I got home around 6am Sunday (I mean 10pm Saturday Mum) but it was a good introduction to Hobart night life. Made even more special by the fact that it was the last Saturday night before uni went back, so there were A LOT of uni students out.


Boat cruise: Dont be fooled, it is not held on a boat, instead it is in a function room near the water.


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