The friends that replaced you

I realise some of those stories may feel a little incomplete when I mention people’s names and you dont know who they are. However, like I may have already mentioned, I am rather attached to these people, so I’m not going to go into great depth, because I feel like that would be going behind their backs, so I’ll keep it pretty short and sweet.

The Lodge (this is the building in which I live, 7 other people live here too)

This is how Shah describes everyone, I will add to this:

Juliet: My neighbour, so nice, she made us Freshers feel so welcome, she is a second year (or third?) and previously lived in the Lodge with Shah.

Shah: The only guy in the house, he complains, but I think he enjoys it. Loves cupcakes. Parties a lot, but I never seem to see him drunk or hung over.

Sam: A fellow Fresher, from Ohio, America. Doing Zoology and Law. Gets drunk quickly, loves vodka soaked anything. Lots of fun to hang out with.

Amanda: I don’t see her much, but she has an amazingly indescribable wardrobe (there was a photo on fb of it) (I mean the contents, not the actual wardrobe).

Shalishah: Med student, we don’t see much of her, but the few times I’ve talked to her she is very nice.

Jenna: The last of 3 Freshers in the lodge. She was here for O’Week and is now off at flight school for 2 weeks (how cool is that??). We are planning a big welcome back for her.

Emma: My other neighbour, she also has a great wardrobe, we have talked on occasion, but I would like to get to know her better.

Other Freshers:

Jack: Med student from Melbourne, we have amazing amounts of things in common. We were told, not 30 minutes ago, that we act like a married couple.

Sara: She will fool you by being quiet and reserved at first, but once she is more comfortable (drunk) around you, it is a very different story.

Jarrah: Very nice guy, easy to talk to, Hobart local. Has good taste in movies and TV.

Steph: Dont know her as well as the others, not even sure exactly where she lives, but the few times we have hung out, she is very fun. Will have to get to know her better.

That’s all the really important ones for now, I will probably be adding to this list as other people come along.

The great thing about living in college, and having all these other Freshers around, is that we are all quite desperate for friends. Jarrah is one of the few I know who is a local, most of us are from interstate and know no-one, so we form friendships quite quickly. All I’m saying is that we are all just using each other so we don’t feel lonely 😛

Mainland: The rest of Australia. I am amazed at how often this word is actually used here!


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