Let’s explore Hobart

Things are going to get higgledey-piggledy from now on, I’ll try to write about stuff in order, but this post is already violating that promise.


Already over 2 weeks in, and I did not know the city I was living in. As I had a free Wednesday I thought I might go and have a peak around. There is a free bus that goes from college to uni/shops/city during the week, which I took advantage of.

I did a few chores I had been needing to do, but that’s dull, so mostly this is a small collection of photos from my day.

That’s about it, I’m sure I will post more later about specific good shops, but I do need to find them first, sorry about the delay.


BNatEnvWildStud or BNEWS: Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies (yeah, I’m a Wild Stud)


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