Often, while between classes at uni, I explore, I love exploring, and so far Hobart has not let me down. This, and possibly other future, posts will be on the various art/displays I find around the uni. Just because what I have found so far has been so amazing, and I’m sure there are more I have yet to see. First of all is probably my favourite thus far:

In the entrance to the chemistry building is this master piece, a periodic table complete with elements (except for unstable or yet unfound elements that are represented in other ways).

Argon, krypton etc get flashing LEDs in their place.

As with most of these, I plan to return and discover more about who designed/built them.

A friend had to go talk to the teacher, and while I was waiting I found these all down the hallway, they have a plaque, but it doesn’t say what the flower is (why??), but I think this is a Grevillea.

I realise you can see them, but there are little black marks all over this painting, they are penguins. There is another great pair of paintings on the opposite wall I will take photos of when the room is a bit more empty.

I see this guy hanging out around campus all the time, I wonder what he is studying. (And why he is there, the engravings give no clue)

I swear we get much better.

I think a bit of this is new, the smaller bronze globe is great, we realised that the outer transparent globe is the current continents, while the inner beaten metal is a prediction of how they looked a few hundred million years ago.

When I drift off in my Geology lectures, I find my self watching this for endless rotations.

Oh this? No big thing, we just put it there because we were sick of carpet all the time.

Rocks, I will do a separate post on the rocks of the geo building sometime. They are numerous, and everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

See the numbers on the bottom white bit? They represent 50 million years. Funny thing, I love this chart so much that I made one of my own on my bedroom wall after about a week of uni.

This is our science library, it’s super awesome. What? You don’t see it? Let’s try a reverse angle:

(It’s actually a secret rocket base, perfect cover right?)

Wow, that was a lot of photos. And there is still so much more to find/show you. Does Adelaide Uni have less art, or was I just so blind that I didn’t notice it?

So to anyone who is going to come and visit me, I will show you much art (or not, as you wish) or we could go exploring through more of the uni. It’s a pretty fun pass time. My next big challenge is to find a way from the top of the uni to the bottom without going outside, for those really rainy days.


Hint: for more enjoyment, hover your mouse over photos to get an extra treat. Then go back on past posts and do the same. (Sorry to the people who already knew about this, but it had to be said)

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