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You should have expected it. I have a new life, I’ve been neglecting you.

But then as soon as most of my friends leave over the Easter break I come back. Wanting attention (comments) and reminding you that you forgot my birthday.

Let’s just call it a lovable quirk.

When we went to cheerleader try-outs I saw this and couldn’t resist. I don’t think the others understood. But if the green was brighter doesn’t it just look like the old Windows desktop?

These next few were taken in the first week of uni (it’s now week 6).They were taken on my walk from uni to a geology excursion at Nut Gove Beach. This is the Casino, and ducks.

Anyone want to be my neighbour?

Look! They have almost exactly the same busses as us.

You spy on me? I SPY ON YOU!

I was going to show you Mt Wellington, I swear it’s there… you just cant see it for Hobart reasons.

Hobart street art

Weird smoke I could see from the balcony, I thought it was photo worthy. Between us and the smoke is Hobart, so it’s ok, they will die first.

Awesome North Hobart

I think these were the most realistic

A pretty scene to finish to make you think you had a great time all along.

Devil’s Kitchen: They have wallaby burgers


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