…and it has a view of the casino

OK, so, I live at Christ College, about 200 people. We are connected to the apartments and Fisher College, each having about another 100 people. It’s quite hard to give you a full tour as there is a lot, and most places, like the view outside my window (it’s just a car park and the gym) aren’t the prettiest sight. But I will give you a bit of an idea.

I was very lucky with my room at the Lodge, although it is right at the top of the college (an extra hike after walking home from uni) I get many more benefits. We have our own living areas, lounge room, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, which means I can put washing in and leave it there, not having to worry about someone taking it. I think my favourite part though is the kitchen, I can have porridge every morning without having to pack everything in a bag, walk down to the kitchen in all kinds of weather, and make it there. The Lodge is the best.

This is what most of the regular denizens wake up to see

To the left and down is the bulk of the college, straight ahead is admin, a little to the right is Pepperz (the college cafe that is quite good. Decent meals for usually $5-6, lots of space and couches, and free internet) and the tower in the background is the casino.

Sunrise from a little further down the above path

This is the Lodge, where 8 of us live above the rest of the college. The bulk of what you can see here is Juliet’s room, to the right is the balcony, and to the left and behind of Juliet’s is my room. The bedrooms are arranged down either side of the balcony, with the living areas and bathrooms are on the far side of the building.

This is my desk. Bigger than most people’s, it is my everything.

Sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous: The three types of rock.


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