Mum and Dad came to visit!

Yes, my blog is getting close to being two months behind actual events.

I’m going to give you half of Mum and Dad’s visit to Tasmania now, and half after my exams.

This is the new car, has all the trimmings, and even has enough space to fit a small portion of my wardrobe in it.

For the first night we travelled West to Mt Field/Lake Pedder. We stayed in the picture government huts, first built for construction workers to live in when making the roads. They are very basic, no light, no heat (besides the wood fire) and the long drop are in a separate removed building.

Here we are surrounded by an amazing plant, the Fegus. It is Australia’s only deciduous tree, and has the cutest leaves I’ve ever seen.

Fun loving family in search of like-minded barmy photographer

No-one answered, so we had to use this set up to take group photos

This is the new Lake Pedder, find a map showing how it used to be and new flooded lake, it’s a tender subject around here with many people.

Morning tea

There were fantastic road cuts all along the way to the dam, it was raining so we didn’t take many photos, but this is a particularly nice spot of metamorphic rock. Unfortunately the whole cut didn’t fit in the photo.

Mum yelled “dance Sally, dance” at me from the car.

Look at all those great folds in the rock!

The Gordon dam, the biggest of the Pedder/Gordon dams. More amazing rock formations, but I wont bore you with them.

Just the best photo ever

The place was pretty deserted, so we had the run of the whole dam

It curves two ways (like a portion of a deformed sphere) I assume for structural reasons. Coming from flat areas of SA I still find all these heights and rock formations astounding, and I’m loving doing geology and being able to see and understand what causes all of these rock formations.

Scientists worked out what the internal structure of the Earth was like by studying earthquakes. The inner core was only discovered around 1936.


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