Semester 1 conclusion

Yesterday I had my last exam. Phew

So last night we went out, a few housemates and I were going together. We all straightened our hair and caught a taxi (I’m just going to skim over the part where we were in a fire truck), but the pouring rain and being forced to wait outside the club made all the time spent on our hair pointless.

I’ve been to that club a few times before and it was never as bad as it was last night. It was crowded and more than a little pushy (I think there were a few scuffles too). We had been there a while and were on the dance floor when I realised that my bag was open and my wallet was missing. I never leave my bag open, someone had opened it to take my wallet.

They’ll be quite disappointed, there wasn’t much cash in there, a student ID, drivers licence, credit card (now cancelled) and a few loose bobby pins. But it upset me a lot for two reasons. Firstly it was a brutal betrayal of trust, I never want to go back to that club and cried in public for the first time in about 7 years.

I was with two of my housemates, Jenna and Juliet, at the time and they were amazing. They took my hand, searched the dance floor, asked the bartenders if any wallets were found then got me home. I can’t stress how great they were, Jenna took me to my room and hugged me and told me she will help me find it, while bitching about all the horrible people that were at the club. Amazing.

The second reason is that I made that wallet. I made it especially for moving to Tasmania. I spent hours designing and stitching it, using some of my favourite fabrics and making it exactly how I like it. I’ve never had anything I’ve made stolen, I wear them, I cherish them and I give them away to people I know will appreciate them. But thinking about my wallet now belonging to someone so low that they steal is horrible. Just the thought of that makes my hands shake with anger.

My drivers licence will probably be doing the rounds too.


One thought on “Semester 1 conclusion

  1. Oh Sally. That’s not the blog I wanted to read. Cheer up! They say worse things happen at sea! (‘they’ being Monty Python.) xoxox

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