As I’m sure most of you can imagine, I miss sewing. It’s this weird sensation I get in my free time that I should be doing something else. I recently finished a small project that was a combination of knitting then sewing and while I enjoy my small knitting projects the sewing part was very satisfying for me.

I’m thinking of finding an op-shop item or a piece of my own that I barely wear and embellishing it. For now though, my main holiday project will be knitted.

For those of you who do not knit here is a bit of a low down. Knitting takes a long time. A regular jumper will take an insane amount of time to make, perhaps to the tune of 20-30 hours, likely more. Even more if you have a bad pattern that you have to make allowances for, or make the pattern up as you go (what I do a lot). The second problem is cost, a regular jumper will take around 12 balls off wool. Wool varies a lot in price, from $2-$30 a ball, and of course if you are going to put that much time into a knitted jumper you don’t want to waste it all on cheap synthetic yarn.

For me time isn’t such an issue. Unless I’m watching a movie with friends I find it very easy to get distracted and start looking for other things to do with my hands. Knitting is perfect, projects take ages and I (mostly) don’t have to keep my eyes on my work (my main reason for liking knitting over crochet). Cost on the other hand is a big issue, I can’t afford to spend even $100 on a hobby let alone any more. Which is why I love my mother. She has taught me to buy old jumpers from op-shops and re-knit them.

So that’s what I did. When I visited Salamanca a few weeks ago with friends I spotted and rushed toward a pair of tables piled high with jumpers, many hand knitted, to find this beauty for a mere $18:

Yes my hands are outstretched as far as they go and my finger tips still do not show.

I left myself to think about what I could make from this little monster while I finished exams and have now decided.

I’m thinking a dress with a slightly flared skirt, picot hem, crochet cuffs and collar, long sleeves and a 3 way cable (looks like a plait) down the side seams.

I have now undone the sleeves (Jenna came into my room the other day and after seeing the two balls I had rolled exclaimed “Is that the jumper?? It looks just like those balls that cats in pictures chase!”) and done tests (see above).

Some more tests. The left piece is one I did before taking apart the jumper. Middle is a pattern Mum described to me, top and bottom are two I got from one of my knitting books. I’m thinking of making another jumper with the bottom sample.

The method I am using is called top down. Usually jumpers are knitted from the bottom (cuffs and waistband) to top (collar and shoulder) then sewn together. I bought an amazing book a while ago that shows how to knit from the top down eliminating all seams. I love this method because it means you can try it on as you go and because you can keep knitting a piece longer until you run out of wool.

I’ll take more photos as I go along, so far I have only done the back shoulder area and am about to start on the front shoulder area.

NGO: Non-government organisation


4 thoughts on “Knitting

    1. Just goes to show that you should always run your knitting/sewing projects past me first, for I am made of awesome win in that area…

      Okay, maybe I just get a lucky good idea occasionally.

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