Mum and Dad came to visit, 2

On the second night of our Mt Field trip we stayed at a very floral BnB. Everything was red and white and covered in doilies or fake flowers. These hats decorated the beds and I insisted we take a photo.

Some spacey mosaics at the Retro Cafe. Mum and I are thinking of doing some mosaics of our own over Christmas.

On Wednesday we headed south of the city to visit places such as Cygnet and Flowerpot. We stopped at a sheep milk place and had lunch at the very cool Red Velvet Lounge. The weather was quite drizzly so we didn’t get to  go for any walks.

The dotted islands are part of a fishery.

Cool wooden house south of Hobart. Pity we weren’t in a black 4WD or we would’ve looked more like spies.

We got to know the locals

This was in a logging town of which I cannot remember its name. They had an exhibition in the visitors centre that showed a bit of the history of logging.

It also had some great wooden sculptures

There were lots of these apple stalls along the road and we grabbed a bag on our way back to uni. Check out the top sign on the left.

We were rather disappointed by MONA, this was one of the two displays that I liked. It’s about over consumption. I expected to be amazed by so much more here.

Outside MONA was much more interesting than inside.

Mum and Dad got to stay at a miniature horse farm. Look how tiny it is!

Dad couldn’t wait for lunch when we visited the botanics, so he began to eat the displays.

Lunch with Jenny to catch up on old times and watch bird eating their lunch

Best garden shed ever, it has a whole other garden on its roof!

Finish with an artistic shot.


Furbelow: Ruffles in lace or the same fabric to decorate women’s skirts and scarfs since the 18th century. Nowadays used to describe needless decoration.


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