My life

I’m in a good mood right now. Not fantastic or extravagant, just satisfied. I want to share with you what makes my life so good.

Walking. My next (or close future) post is about how beautiful the streets of Hobart are, but I also like walking home. It’s a hell of a walk, an uphill hike someone from Adelaide might call it. It’s horrible after a 7 hour shift, or when it’s windy and rainy, but it means that I get at least a little regular exercise, and don’t feel so lazy when I spend my evenings in front of a computer.

My wardrobe. As you would expect I love my clothes, I love the stories behind them and how individual they are. Especially when most other people at college spend their lives in jeans and hoodies. I am looking forward to the holidays when I can fill it up with things I’ve found it lacking in the last 5 months.

My subjects. Though sometimes they are frustrating and hazy on the details, I do enjoy them so much, especially when we learn things that have real world value.

Cooking. My housemate and I love cooking weird stuff together, and we have very similar tastes in the kitchen (and many other aspects of our lives). A little under a week ago the Lodge had a family dinner where we all made something to share and it was so nice to just eat and chat. I also enjoy trying the quirky things my Malaysian housemate makes.

Right brain functions. I find myself lacking sometimes, I feel a pull toward doing something else, but for a while I wasn’t sure what it was. Now I realise that sewing has left a gaping hole in me creatively. Sure I have knitting, but that moves so slowly. I’ve been getting more experimental with some other aspects of my life, and find myself very satisfied when they work out.

Nature. As you know I found time in my holidays to go for a few walks, and I really enjoy walking through scrub. I remember loving it as a child, not going anywhere, just wandering, it’s so relaxing and peaceful. It’s unordered, lush, unending, intriguing.

Being warm. So often I find myself, or part of myself, cold, and it’s just so nice to be completely warm occasionally. (This usually only happens at night when I’m in bed)

Reading. I’m sure you all know what it’s like to be consumed by a book. I usually only have time to read (non uni stuff) before bed, and when reading a particularly good book I can find myself thinking about the world of the book I am currently reading. A the moment it happens to be Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (especially satisfying if you have watched the series or read the original beforehand), but I will sometimes switch to my costuming books for a little, and these are equally engrossing.

Friends. Of course. For hearing about their weird dreams, having someone to laugh at something with, or just wasting time with. I am so grateful to many of my SA friends who have made the effort of staying in contact with me. I get excited when I get mail, or even just a casual Gchat.

Tea. This represents a few things. Warm drinks are particularly satisfying in chilly Tasmania. It’s also a way of connecting with someone. It’s something so familiar, having multiple cups of tea with Mum when we were both home for the day. Or it’s just something as a reward for doing a dull reading.

Dancing. I can’t express how much I enjoy dancing. The end of a solid bush dance when I have a dry throat and am covered in sweat is possibly my second favourite feeling. Only giving way to the dancing its self.

Other people’s art. Other people always seem to have such great ideas. I especially love all the woodwork with beautiful shapes and intricate timbers found all around Tasmania.


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