Working class cheese

Now that semester 2 has well and truly started, I again find myself neglecting you all, below is a diagram showing why.

Yellow is work

Orange is volunteering

All other colors are my classes

You can see why I love Fridays.

A few weeks ago we had a mass laser tag tournament. 40 people from college split into teams and we had a round robin game. My team won every game we played. When we got home my housemate said that I won gold and she would take my photo with my medal.

She proceeded to take a huge wheel of brie wrapped in gold foil out of the fridge

I didn’t get to keep it 😦

Knitting is going well, I have photos but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for them, I don’t want to give away all the good stuff too early.

I have already started to plan my holidays. I think this year I will be summering in Adelaide, at this point I will be there from November to January.

So start thinking of things we can do, at this point I have a few things penciled in, but it’s not enough yet!


Baked: A geological descriptive term referring to rock near a (cooled) volcanic intrusion.


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