And Another Thing…

In the months that I have been in Tasmania the only clothes I’ve bought have been for work or for a costume party. Surprisingly it hasn’t been particularly hard. I’m not even sure why, with such a small wardrobe I expected to find myself craving new clothes.

I have bought a new pair of shoes though.

My Dad did recommend Steel Blue, but they didn’t have any that were small enough for me, so I was forced (not that it took too much pressure) to buy classic Blundstones.

This is a collaborative piece between my wonderful Mother and I. As you can see my version is as yet incomplete. I’m sure many of you will be able to recognise some of the dresses.

Lastly here is a belated update on my knitting (it has a whole sleeve now). It’s a little tighter than I would’ve liked, but I am happy with how it is progressing without a pattern.

Ruby and sapphire are the same mineral, just in different colours.


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