Its time I told you about Source

Source Community Wholefoods is a local co-op that started about 5 years by a few like-minded uni students. It is located on an originally unused part of university grounds, but even now most uni students don’t know it exists.

They made the building themselves from hay bales and have been adding to it and the adjoining veggie garden since they were built.

I volunteer there for a couple of hours every week, serving lunches, restocking shelves, anything that needs doing. I found them a few weeks into semester 1 and they were the first community I felt comfortable around. Everyone who works there is so friendly, and it’s nice to be around people who actually care about the environment and about healthy living.

I have learnt so much from working there, from seeing all the weird and wonderful products, from the other staff and occasionally the customers too.

Sometimes my actual job seems so customer-un-friendly that its nice to have a break from that at Source where it’s all a little more flexible, friendly and open.

See more about them here: https://www.sourcewholefoods.org.au/about

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