Day 6

This is as bad as it has ever been, I’ve never had tonsilitis this bad for this long. At first it was impacting my sleep, I would wake up choking and gasping for air, now I think I am so tired that I don’t even dream.

For a few days I didn’t even put on proper clothes, just variations of pajamas. Yesterday I decided that I would be better and wore pants for the first time since Thursday. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day which helped, but there is no denying, my tonsils* are still the same ravenous monsters they have been since Thursday.

I first went to the doctors on Tuesday, she told me to drink lots of fluids and it should be better by next week. Thursday I returned and all the second doctor said was “oh very big, very big” then he took a swab and gave me a prescription.

Yes! I thought, drugs! I’ll be feeling better by tomorrow, it’s now 4 days later and no change. I am desperately looking forward to tomorrow when I have my third appointment when he was to tell me the result of my swab. Let’s hope they can figure out what to do with my little monster.

The worst part is that I have not been able to eat a proper meal since Tuesday, oh how I remember that meal. Since Tuesday I have missed 18 meals, replacing it with milo, iced-tea, yoghurt and the occasional biscuit I dissolve before forcing myself to swallow. Friday night was the night before mid-semester break, also a friend’s birthday, for her birthday my housemate and I made her cupcake kebabs. I COULDNT EAT CUPCAKE KEBABS THAT I HELPED TO MAKE.

Out of everything the hunger is the worst part. I’ve dont this sort of thing before, usually after food poisoning or other bouts of tonsilitis, but never this long. And oh my ‘friends’ know how badly I want to eat. I think my sense of smell has heightened, every room I walk into smells like a different type of food.

It’s making me angry, and very short-tempered, one friend in particular does not know how close he came to being beaten to a pulp today (not that I have the strength), I had to forcibly remove myself from the room and his presence before I went all hungry Sally on him.


Note: I may be exaggerating a bit with quite how bad it all is, but I am very hungry and frustrated and had to vent some of this. I say this because the last thing I want right now is pity from you.
*It’s actually only my right tonsil, and wow is it huge.


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