Plastic and dresses

I know, I’ve yet again been neglecting you. But I have a few decent reasons this time:

1) My next post was going to be what I did in my mid-semester break (visiting mines on a geology field trip) but I still don’t have all the photos from the other guys, and I know that they have some good ones.

2) I have has tonsilitis on and off for the past 5 or so weeks, pushing me further and further behind in my uni work.

3) I am doing the costumes for my college’s annual play, Peter Pan this year, and that has kept me very busy (and happy)


One thing I do have to show you is something pretty cool my sister sent me a while back. It is a mouldable plastic. Put it in boiling water and you can force it into almost any shapes, once it has cooled it holds this shape with surprising strength.

As a trial I thought I would make a bracelet, so far I like it more as a headband. The couple of people who have noticed it rather like it.



Secondly I went a little multi-media, using a rock I got on the aforementioned field trip.

I admit it’s not particularly practical, but I do quite like the design.

Thank you Hannah for your lovely gift!


Also if you havn’t heard I am doing Frocktober again, but this time I am actually raising money: http://www.everydayhero.com.au/sally_mattner

Photos will be posted here, on the website and facebook, with unknown regularity. Only the best photos will get on the website as I am only allowed 12 photos.

I look forward to seeing what crazy stuff I end up in.


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