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Have I ever told you about my favourite op shop? It’s a tiny little place in Myponga called The Spare Room. I wish I lived in SA just for this op shop. It has a great range of glasses, mugs, and all kinds of kitchen ware. Even though kitchen ware makes up 85% of what they sell, I still always manage to find a fantastic piece of fabric each time I go in. The cotton rug on my bed was my first great find, it was like a first date.

With an op shop.

So when I decided to spend 2 of my first weeks in SA at Yankalilla in my parents house rekindling my love of sewing, I had to stop by The Spare Room. After filling the Jazz with sewing machines, boxes of fabric and a small bag of clothes, I headed off.

And my old lover not only had a dozen roses waiting for me, but a whole ute full of chocolate. I talked to the lady and it turns out she was planning a big fabric sale in a few weeks to clear out her SHED FULL OF FABRIC a little (unfortunately I didn’t get to go to that sale as I had other things on, but that’s ok). Instead I bought about 5 pieces of fabric and left with a grin on my face*.

Below is an alteration of one of my favourite patterns, made with a fabric I was initially dubious about from The Spare Room.

I know all you want to do is stare at Masha's pants, but please try to pay attention to my dress

I wanted more dresses that wrap around (an extension of my hatred of putting boring zips in) and this was the first…

…and the last that will wrap around the front. Most women will understand the annoying gapeyness of dresses that wrap at the front, thankfully I have solved this problem, more on that later.

One of the most colourless dresses I have made, but it is growing on me (not literally), especially as it means I can wear more colourful pieces with it and not look like a crazy person (note the shoes).


Moraine: sedimentary deposit left by a glacier.


*Before I did I told her about a project I had been planning and asked her to keep an eye out for specific items for me (more on that later)


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